Flanagan Community Portal.

The Ó Flannagáin as Uachtartíre  (Flanagan of Upperthird) Clan website is back online and redesigned using WordPress. Here, you will find a constant source of information about the activities of Clan Members researching the Irish Clan histories including genealogy and the status of Future Projects. Learn about The Ó Flannagáin Clan worldwide, and see if there is an Ó Flannagáin Clan member/group nearby. Some of the many spelling variations of the name are listed here with this list growing as we find more spelling variations.

  • Ó Flannagáin
  • Flannaghan
  • Flannigan
  • Flanagan
  • O’Flanagan
  • Flanigan
  • O’Flanigan
  • O’Flannagin
  • Flannagin
  • Flennigen
      *Note: For those who are researching you may see references to an individual written “The Ó Flannagáin”. This may apply to any Irish surname and Scottish surnames as well. These individuals are the Chieftain of the name or of their clan.

The Ó Flannagáin Clan newsletter promises an interesting overview of feature articles, community accomplishments, learning topics, and project updates. This periodic will be augmented by the semi-regular publishing of a clan bulletin.

At this point in time, the project of redesigning the website is being done by one person so expect delays in updating of this site and addition of material. Your patience is appreciated.

Webmaster Clan Ó Flannagáin